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Science Proves God’s Food


From this article you will find two PDF files from a very excellent book, What the Bible Says About Healthy Living by Rex Russell, M.D. I have distributed hundreds of copies of the book through the years and seen many people healed of various diseases after they have read and applied what they have learned.

Especially valuable is the unique scientific research information that Rex shares which Dr. David Macht of Johns Hopkins University did in 1953 revealing either the health or toxic effects of the blood and flesh of various animals, birds, fish, and insects, which God told us about thousands of years ago through Moses. This original revelation from God, herein confirmed with the scientific proof that you will see, thereby also proves the Word of God is truth, as Jesus says when He prayed for us, not for the world, and said, “Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth“ (John 17:17). This supernaturally given truth of the Word of God, which at the time was contrary to the world’s wisdom, and still is today and always will be, had been revealed to God’s children from the beginning, as we read from Noah (Genesis 7:2). Dearly beloved, Hear the Word of the Lord! It will be for you either health and healing, or sickness and disease, according to your response! Remember, we are called to “the obedience of faith” (Romans 1:5 & 16:26), and this will also prove whether you have true faith, and whether you are obedient to God, which is what He has called everyone to. Amen!

For a little background information on brother Rex, it’s significant to know how he came into his amazing expertise in health and became so helpful to hundreds of thousands through the years. I shall quote from the Introduction to his book.

My family and I were just not well.

I had known for some 25 years that I was diabetic. Still, for much of my life I was able to participate in sports and otherwise lead a fairly normal life.

Now, however, in 1976, the disease was gaining ground. I also suffered a host of related ailments, including chronic abscesses, arthritis, swelling in my legs and deterioration of my arteries, eyesight and kidneys.

My children were having their own health problems, such as infections, dental abscesses and cavities, and hyperactivity. Other relatives and friends had “hit the wall” with various diseases.

What could I do?

Because I’m a doctor, I searched for medical answers with many physicians. One convinced me that my diet needed more vitamins and minerals. So I began taking about 50 pills a day. I was still ill, and exhausted, but I continued to test such measures and to study the many claims of various scientists and nutritionists. Instead of health and clarity, I only experienced continued illness and confusion.

One evening in desperation I pulled a Bible off the shelf. I happened to come across Psalm 139:14, where the psalmist praises God because “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Immediately I looked up in anger and said, “If we are so wonderfully made, why am I so sick? God, why didn’t You give us a way to be healthy?”

My heavenly answer came in a form of a question in my mind. Rex, the Questioner said, have you really read my Instruction Book?

Rex then goes on to share why he was so skeptical that scriptures, written thousands of years ago before all the modern scientific information was known, could possibly help. And also the fear of what other physicians would think bothered him. And also the fear that what he discovered might cause him to reject his faith.

Rex’s testimony is similar to many other physicians and dentists who have been trained in really what is a very godless education. God and His Word is not only irrelevant in the world’s systems and mind, we think “He probably doesn’t even exist.” We’re trained in the religion of our government schools, Secular Humanism.

We’re puffed up with pride and unbelief, consequently innumerable sins, and thus blinded to the precious truths of God and His Word. And many Christians and Preachers have succumbed to this “spirit of the world” also.

Thank God, however, He is setting many free, and the truth really sets one free in so many ways.

Rex shares so much in his book that is worth reading, but I’ll just add a few insights.

In Part II of his book he stresses three main Principles:

Principle One: Eat the Foods God created for you.

Principle Two: Don’t Alter God’s Design.

Principle Three: Don’t let any food or drink become your God.

Now, the main reason I am bringing you information from his book is he shares the scientific research which proves the validity of God’s statutes concerning “clean” and “unclean” meats. We can understand this more easily when we understand that the difference in the Clean And Unclean is what they eat, and secondly, the function of their digestive systems. This is the wisdom of God from a very supernatural Creation, not evolution!

The following are two PDF copies.

The first PDF is the research as given in Chapter 8, pages 149-156. A smaller file:

(Click here for 7.2 MB download)

The second PDF is the entire Chapter 8, which is a much larger file. Pages 143-165.

((Click here for 21.5 MB download)